We have always been concerned about our impact on the environment, especially through our Imprim Vert certification since 2005 (we were the first certified offset printer). A waste sorting system has been in place since the beginning of our activity.

We also attach great importance to the origin of our raw materials (Europe only). Finally, our innovation of recyclable packaging has led us to further develop our CSR approach. Our customers have directed us towards the development of more virtuous packaging, in line with their healthy / organic products.  

Finally, environmental and political demands (AGEC laws, end of single-use plastic packaging) have reinforced our choices and accelerated these developments that are important to us. Indeed, these demands come from customers' choices but also from the final consumer who wishes to reduce the use of plastic in his daily life. 

We orient our production on very reactive productions, in limited or medium series, to avoid any production of waste or useless packaging.

Pushed daily by our different stakeholders, we wish to advance on our approach of elaborating the purest possible packaging.

We are pushed by important actors in the ecological urgencies: Citéo, the Technical Center of Paper, Matikem and others still put us on the front of the stage to bring technical solutions adapted to the market demands.

Our local stakeholders (town halls, schools, etc.) ask us to explain our approach. Finally, our employees are proud to offer cleaner packaging solutions that respect nature.


Today in France, 2% of plastic packaging is actually recycled with an existing sorting system, we want to reverse these figures in our company (to bring 100% of our packaging recyclable by 2023).

Our values

Towards our customers

    • Quality (products and services)
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Innovation

        Towards our employees

          • Respect for others
          • Mutual aid
          • Team spirit

              Some daily commitments

              • Raw materials from nearby Europe
              • Water (recycled)
              • Electricity (study in progress of solar panels) (LED lighting)
              • Electric transport cart
              • Use of recycled offset plates and reused over and over again