Our know-how is also at the heart of the manufacturing process, which requires precision, as well as a perfect mastery of high definition offset printing technology.

This offset technology allows us to print on monomaterial papers, laminates, films... and offers an exemplary printing fineness while ensuring the respect of your graphic charter. 

Malengé Packaging adapts its technology to your needs

Listening to your project

prepress analysis

and work on your visuals to send a proof

Printing of your project

possibility of assisting the launching of your project on the machine

realization of your packaging

(reels or preformed bags)

Delivery of your order

With this technology, you save the usual technical costs of printing but also the costs of finishing. No cliché, no cylinder to engrave are required.

An additional advantage is that you can produce in small and medium series. Malengé packaging adapts to your replenishment needs. The optimization of your stocks and your logistics in the medium term is assured.