To meet the expectations of manufacturers concerned about reducing the environmental impact of their packaging, Malengé Packaging created a joint research laboratory in 2016 with the Centre Technique du Papier (CTP), called Lap3P. Its objective: to develop 100% recyclable packaging from a paper base and a surface treatment with protective barrier properties.

Offering packaging that is a barrier to light, water vapour, oils and fats, or oxygen, and that can be recycled in consumers' "yellow" garbage cans, is a major challenge.

A unique research project in France

This project has been selected by the French National Research Agency (ANR) as part of the call for projects "Joint laboratories between public research organizations and SMEs/ETIs (LabCom)" and labeled by the Matikem competitiveness cluster.

From research to industrial development

The scientific challenge is to develop, by additive process or surface treatment, a layer or a treatment of materials with sufficient film-forming and barrier properties. This material will have to meet the production constraints of industrialists and the economic constraints of the market.

Lap3P's research work also aims to limit the weight of packaging by 30 to 40%, in particular through a process that will enable the packaging to be treated with the right barrier properties.

An ecological alternative to aluminum and plastic

Without equivalent on the market, this packaging

This heat-sealable packaging protects against humidity, light and oxygen.

Monomaterial, it has the following advantages

  • being recyclable in the existing collection circuit
  • being 15% to 40% lighter
  • use of renewable resources
  • educe the carbon footprint by 15% to 60%.

It meets the strict requirements of the food industry in terms of safety, conservation and protection of products.

A complete range to meet a multitude of of needs

These different solutions can be used to package and protect both food and non-food products. They can contain household or culinary powders, food supplements, dry cookies, animal treats

tea, coffee, industrial supplies, dried fruits and cereals etc.

These packages are exclusively marketed by Malengé Packaging, in reel form or in the form of preformed pouches (Stand up pouch, quattro seal and 3-sided pouches) for containers ranging from a light weight to 1 kg.

Do you want to protect your product with responsible packaging? Contact us and we will propose a suitable recyclable solution.

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